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SNP accused of 'political point scoring' while the people of Aberdeen suffer

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The SNP in Aberdeen have been accused of being "focused on political point scoring" while people who live in the city are suffering.

Labour councillor Deena Tissera was damning in her criticism of the SNP/Lib Dem council administration after they rejected her urgent motion to give immediate funding to struggling food banks in the city.

Instead, they told her to bring up the issue at another meeting later on in August as it was not deemed urgent enough to be debated.

This is despite Ms Tissera having first hand experience of how much Aberdonians were struggling due to her volunteer work with Street Friends. She claimed the move would offset the impact of dwindling donation and soaring costs.

Aberdeen Live reported that the administration rejected the motion for a £500,000 cash injection to help emergency food providers weather the storm of the cost of living crisis at the growth and resources committee.

Ms Tissera tweeted after the event and accused the SNP of not caring about the poorest people in the community. She wrote: "It is disappointing that caring for the most vulnerable, & the poorest people in our communities is not a priority for the SNP administration. It is becoming an evident pattern that the SNP administration is more focused on political point scoring while people in Aberdeen suffer

She told Aberdeen Live: “Aberdeen is fast-becoming the food bank capital of Scotland. And thousands of children and families in the city rely on these services just to avoid going to bed hungry at night.

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