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Aberdeen councillor 'honoured' to be shortlisted for top award at national ceres

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

An Aberdeen councillor is among the nominees for a top award at a national ceremony. Councillor Deena Tissera is in the running for a title at the 2022 Scottish Asian & Business Awards.

Cllr Tissera, who represents Hilton, Woodside and Stockethill, is on the shortlist to be crowned The Politician of the Year at the awards ceremony next month.

The Asian and Business Awards bring together the top Asian entrepreneurs from around the country, to be recognised, rewarded and remembered for their creativity, resolve and spirit, and their dedication to hard work – widely regarded as second to none.

With the awards in its 15th year of running, it has become a solid fixture in the calendars of the Scottish Asian and Business community.

The awards ceremony takes place on December 19 in Glasgow. Councillor Tissera shares how "earnestly grateful" she is for being nominated.

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